Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I recently received some sample art products to try.  I decided to try my Copic Markers on different surfaces.  I have only used them on various papers, so I was excited to see the results on canvas, and an art board.  I thought the ink would lose it's vibrancy, especially with the canvas.  I figured the ink would just get absorbed into the canvas and it would take several coats to have any results.  Making my experiment even more challenging is that I used a black canvas.  I started out using a rubber stamp with white ink, and then colored in with my copics.  I did stress out my marker nibs from getting the white ink on them, and using them on canvas and wood panel.
I don't tend to let that stop me from experimenting, that is the beauty of Copic's is being able to replace the nibs.
Here are the two black canvas's I experimented with.


I do like the bright colors with the black background contast.

Okay so then I used the wood panel and was at first worried I was going to waste too much ink, due to the wood surface, but I kept going and was surprised that it really wasn't any difference than the paper surfaces.  Here are the results.

I am pretty pleased with the results.  I wouldn't have guessed to get such vibrancy on this surface.  I am excited to see what else I can try.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I have been busy setting up workshops, and art lessons.  I am able to offer special student discount rates for all Copic Marker Products.  Check out website, and if you see anything you are interested in, you can email me at for the best student pricing.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Copic Markers are great for traditional stamps, and digi stamps, for cardmaking.  It is also great for fine art.  Here are a few of my latest hand drawn pieces, finished with copic markers.

The blue berries need work.
I used B, R, BG

I like how this eye came out
Used G, YG, E, BG, R, and Black

Geico used with R, YR, R, Black

Lion Seal used with C family

Friday, April 5, 2013

Watch my copic marker tip to tip transfer for fast two color blending technique.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

TGIF giveaway is tomorrow and the only requirement is three new followers this week.  I love giving, and am going to be really bummed tomorrow if I can't give away the Copic Color Swatch Book.

I am excited for my upcoming workshops, with C.C. Lowell this weekend 1-3 Sat, and Sun.  I am working with little tikes at Play and Learn Daycare in Auburn, on Monday.  I would love to see what everyone is up too.  Post your latest designs on here.

Friday, March 29, 2013

TGIF and the lucky winner for this weeks giveaway goes to Karen Bartels.   Karen can choose one of the following handmade cards as her prize, just for joining my blog.  I am using a program called The Hat to pick TGIF's weekly winners.
Next week's TGIF's winner will receive a Copic Marker Color Swatch Book valued at $6.99.  This week I am looking for at least three new follower's as a requirement.  So please spread the word so everyone will get a chance at weekly prices, along with tips, tricks, and techniques.
Color Swatch Book
TGIF Handmade Card Winner Karen Bartels
You Brighten My Day

Stop and Smell The Coffee

Hang in There

Punk Rock

The Recital

Ski Princess

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Introduction to Copic Markers  
with Tracy Brusa
Level 1:Saturday, April 6th; 1-3pm; $35.00
Level 2: Sunday, April 7th; 1-3pm; $35.00
Sign up at once for only $60.00 for both levels
Saturday: Level 1 Course:
Learn the Copic color wheel. Learn how to read the Copic letter and
number code.Techniques in:
Blending, inking, fixing mistakes, correcting ink out of lines, how to remove ink, applying multiple colors, palette transferring, feathering, highlights and shading within the same color family. Finally, put it all together in a finished line drawing using the above techniques.
Sunday: Level 2 Course:
Learn how to create: Shadows and shading, values of gray, find light sources, shading basic objects, folds, and wrinkles, and how to color black and how to color white. Finally, put it all together in a finished line drawing using the above techniques.
Bring a sketchbook, pencil and any of your own Copic products you'd like to try.  Final paper and Copic Markers will be available to share during workshop. Take advantage of sales on all Copic products  available to workshop attendees ONLY!

Spaces are limited! Please call 508.757.7713  to register.
Class must be paid in full upon registration!