Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I recently received some sample art products to try.  I decided to try my Copic Markers on different surfaces.  I have only used them on various papers, so I was excited to see the results on canvas, and an art board.  I thought the ink would lose it's vibrancy, especially with the canvas.  I figured the ink would just get absorbed into the canvas and it would take several coats to have any results.  Making my experiment even more challenging is that I used a black canvas.  I started out using a rubber stamp with white ink, and then colored in with my copics.  I did stress out my marker nibs from getting the white ink on them, and using them on canvas and wood panel.
I don't tend to let that stop me from experimenting, that is the beauty of Copic's is being able to replace the nibs.
Here are the two black canvas's I experimented with.


I do like the bright colors with the black background contast.

Okay so then I used the wood panel and was at first worried I was going to waste too much ink, due to the wood surface, but I kept going and was surprised that it really wasn't any difference than the paper surfaces.  Here are the results.

I am pretty pleased with the results.  I wouldn't have guessed to get such vibrancy on this surface.  I am excited to see what else I can try.

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  1. Oh yes! I love the way the colors pop off of the dark background - and love that you used wood as a substrate too.
    SO looking forward to having you play along with the Summer of Color this year - and thank you for you comment. See you Monday, Kristin xo